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Port and Customs clearance Service in Ghana

Port Customs Clearance logistric

T-POINT Logistics the customs clearance and port procedures for customers. Our integral logistics service allows us to streamline the shipment of goods and their storage to obtain an efficient, streamlined and controlled process.

We adapt to the product and goods of each customer. Our service is aimed at saving time and costs, by obtaining fast transport at highly competitive rates.

Provide customs clearance service and an end to all customs procedures and customs services for all types of cargo and messages to the fullest.

Documentary Study

Documents are reviewed prior to shipment of goods imported from abroad or exported abroad in an attempt to avoid any differences found documents hinder the completion of customs procedures with maximum speed and to take account of any fines incurred on the client.

Type Of Goods

Are dealing with all types of incoming and outgoing goods (all equipment and supplies necessary for the development of airports - all paper products and cardboard - all equipment and supplies Resort - cars - heavy equipment of all kinds - everything related to the export market and import).

Offers Control

All deals are met in accordance with the regulatory items received (Agriculture - import - fireworks - Health - Environment Affairs ... etc).


Accelerating the procedures of customs in the shortest possible time from the date of extraction, then the delivery or storage of goods.

Follow-Up Minute

Follow-up from the beginning of the shipment shipped from abroad and follow-up and the vessel's arrival in the case of incoming and follow up the case of export cargo in and out of Egyptian ports until they reach the port of discharge overseas.

Comprehensive Settlements

Hold all the settlements related to communications, both secretariats of fines or settlements, or any Mnaqdhat specific messages after graduating from the customs.

We are also the settlement of all letters of guarantee, deposits of (temporary admission, drawback, are detained) reported the sales tax and an answering service support for exporters from the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Subsequent Review

After the departure of goods from the customs duties is the follow-up shipments, according to some customs regulations which require the client to do so.

Lower Prices

Dear Customer, We offer you the lowest prices and highest quality services in order to avoid increased costs on incoming shipments or issued on behalf of the client.